Valdez-Cordova Census Area Tax Rate (Alaska)

Valdez-Cordova Census Area Clerk Offices maintain public records for a county or local government, including information on local taxes in Alaska. As part of this responsibility, they maintain tax rate information on property taxes, business taxes, and other local Valdez-Cordova Census Area taxes. They may also provide online tax records, online payment for taxes, and tax bill due date information. Clerk Offices can provide information on setting up a tax payment plan, appealing a tax assessment, or applying for tax relief. They also keep records on changes to Valdez-Cordova Census Area tax rates. The Clerk Office website provides tax rate information and services.

Cordova City Clerk Cordova AK 602 Railroad Avenue 99574 907-424-6248

Valdez-Cordova Census Area Treasurer and Tax Collector Offices collect taxes for a county or local government, often in the form of property taxes in Alaska. They also provide tax rate information, including tax rates for Valdez-Cordova Census Area property taxes, business taxes, sales tax, and other local taxes. Treasurer and Tax Collector Offices may also provide information on tax deductions, tax incentives, and property tax rate appeals. Their Valdez-Cordova Census Area tax rate resources include tax bill due date information, tax payment plans, and tax refund forms. Treasurer and Tax Collector Offices often provide tax rate resources on their website.

Valdez-Cordova County Finance Department Valdez AK PO Box 307 99686 907-834-3461